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A good investment for the future!

Did almost nothing this weekend, it was great. On saturday i laid arround the house watching TV and surfing the net. on sunday I met up with my friend nancy sho just moved back from Canada. We walked all over the city and talked, played a few games and bought some finger puppets.

Today, my heart was racing aas i spent a very large amout of money on a digital camcorder with amost all the cool accesories available for it. This could be the start of a new artistic career, lets hope! Oh and icase you noticed that i am spending a lot of money, no, I did not win the lottery damn it. I need to talk to the lotto people about picking the wrong winning lotto numbers!

Endorsement for a great web radiostation http://www.wolffm.com/ plays the best mix of crappy music you love or love to hate, where else can you hear "pour some sugar on me" followed by "i want candy" and then "the right stuff" by new kids on the block. It's so increadably wrong it has to be right.

Some days you just can't be bothered with spell check.

By the way right now they are playing gonna make you sweat by C+C music factory. truely awful! I LOVE IT!