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To Germany with love!

My friend Manja who lives just outside of Berlin recently came across my Journal and wrote me a nice little email. one paragraph made me smile really big though...

I had a short look in your page and was overwhelmed. This quality you keep and these mixed as well as open thoughts you write down from the bottom of your hearth is great and not typical here in Germany!

I love that almost every German I have ever met enjoys explaining how things are different in Germany. My favorite of course was about how white socks are not popular in Germany. I miss Germany!

I just found out San Francisco has a Love Parade... I never knew this. I think i am going to try to check it out, there is no possible way is can be even 1/10th as good as the real Love Parade!

To Love - 王菲(Faye Wong) - Make Love



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Oct. 1st, 2004 06:59 pm (UTC)
i just found out this was a german tradition,

(my secret theory...germans revel so much in rebelling they have to have so many rules, traditions, and orderly customs!!)

and having one of the best times ever in my life when i was in germany, it made my attendence even more nessicary.

we have not seen each other since we met, yet i *cough* know so much about you. :D
keep your eyes open, i will be the brash blonde beaming atop a well stickered city bike she has missed oh so much.
(you might have to holler, but that makes parades more festive!!)
Oct. 2nd, 2004 07:46 am (UTC)
my father and brother-in-law are german and the white socks = bad thing is so true. hehe! thank god i'm not so prejudiced against white cottony feet warmers and believe that diversity makes the world a wonderful place. when will our german friends and relatives learn not to be so sockist?
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