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Folsom 2004... Sorry only a few pictures!

Weird episode aside, it was a great weekend! The last minute surprise of my cousin Deric coming to visit made my month! Here I thought I had fucked up our relationship through my bad immature behavior eight years ago.

While Deric claims that his distance had nothing to do with how I behaved and fear I would confront his newly ex-boyfriend Dwayne, I don't really believe it. But what matters is things between us are fine now. it was great to catch up on what was going on with each other. He seems quite happy about his recent breakup with his partner of 17 years, "and I'm not looking for another relationship that last longer than a night for the rest of my life." Somehow I think in a few months his view will change.

Tom handled the appearance of Deric like a star. He was a bit freaked out, and did say, Don't sleep with Deric a few times, but he rolled with it all. I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday running hitting the gay events with Deric while Tom either rested at home or worked in the Haight. Tom was a bit miffed I didn't take more pictures at the fair, since he hasn't been able to go in years. I decided this year, i wouldn't take pictures of things I have already photographed unless I really felt I wanted a picture. I decided that this time, instead of snapping shots of people as they walked by I would ask them if I could take their picture. It worked out pretty well, i only had one person say no, a Samoan Drag Queen. She looked so sad as she told me no, it kind broke my heart. It kind of made me think of the Morcheeba song. "Fear can stop you loving. Love can stop your fear. But it's not always clear"

The one photo that I wish I had taken but I was just too shocked to get my wits was of a man who's face I never even glanced at. I turned my head to see what was causing the woman next to me to make such a commotion. It was just a man with a chain-mail cod piece but as she moved to lift it I realized that he wasn't wearing clothes, his cod piece was actually tons of piercing. you could barely make out his penis and balls under the hundred or so fat hoops. I just stood there my mouth probably agape, thinking to my self, how does he have sex, how does he masturbate, what happens when he goes through security at an airport? I would continue thing about this for the rest of the day.

I ended up hanging out with two friends Deric had made, Toronto Tim and Terry the New Orleans pig daddy. Terry asked me if i was a pig and I had to answer I didn't know. What exactly is a pig? Tim was such a cutie I wanted to snuggle his face. mickeytor check out the picture links and let me know if you know him. Apparently he is very active in the webcam world! It was pretty funny when Jason Canada (skibumca) called me and kept calling him Canada, Toronto Tim blushed and looked worried and wanted to make sure Jason wasn't from Toronto.

I was really surprised that i didn't see more LJ people i ran into jeffla and his man Heath (likethecandybar) on the muni platform at Castro station but was heading to meet up with Deric and never saw them again. I also ran into divadolly and bearzbub later in the day but didn't have time to really hang out! Boy did a lot happen this weekend.

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Sep. 28th, 2004 02:28 pm (UTC)
I'm afraid that Toronto P doesn't recognize Toronto Tim. I'm sorry I wasn't there though. I read about it in yours and several other journals and I wanted to go so badly!!!!!

Maybe next year!
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