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Those are my hopes at least. Have you ever had such a crappy day that you had to go out to buy a lottery ticket because there is no way it can keep so bad for so long. I waited 15 minutes to buy mine, that's how bad my day was. I was so frustrated I was on the verge of tears for the last half of the day. I hate my job, it could be fine if my boss would learn to chill and be understanding a little bit. It's not my fault that upper management fired all the PC people. I'm doing the best I can for not getting any training or explanations from my boss. I personally think I have learned a great deal about Crappy PC's, they are even getting my respect every now and then, when I'm not in a bad mood over the fact that if the same problem happened on a Mac I could fix it in under 10 minutes. I feel I'm not asking too much, Either teach me (saying "boot in safe mode is not teaching") or give me a break!