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Katchup Mustard, boy this is late.

Well, I've been a while since I updated my journal, I've been so busy. Here is the quick lowdown on what's been up. Last week I left work early to run home to meet friends driving up from LA. Phinny and Kirsten decided to come up to visit me for a couple of days with their friends Gina and Brent. We went out for Sushi and karaoke at Moshi Moshi. The MC is the voice coach for most of the Mama Mia Cast and also works with Michael Jackson's voice coach. He told us a lot on the MJ front, poor man really is a freak. It was a truly splendid night for Karaoke it was entertaining or really good and sometimes both. one of my favorites was Kirsten and Dana singing Opps I did it again while Gina did all the dance moves perfectly... it was hilarious.

The next day we got in some good exercise. We started off our day with a walk down the hill to Welcome Home a yummy grease spoon. We then took the F-Market Trolley car down to Fisherman's Warf to see the seals. Gina was enthralled by them and after about twenty minutes we began our walk along the Embarcadero toward the embarcadero underground station. Of course along the way Brent tweaked something in some crazy homeless man's mind and sent him over the edge. This crazy man needs to get a record deal. He screaming at him something along the lines of this: "God Damn Bastard, God Damn Bastard, you can't kill me God Damn Bastard! God Damn Bastard, God Damn Bastard Superman looking God Damn Bastard! You can't take me out God Damn Bastard, God Damn Bastard! You can't get me, you can't get me with you Covert operations, I was in the military God Damn Bastard! You think you're superman!"

This was how I got a really good idea of what Brent was really like. he did not flinch, he did not react, he acted as if a nice man had just walked up and was standing near him. After wards he asked Gina why she didn't film it with her camcorder.

We hop on the the underground and jump off at Powell and walk up to Union Square. We take the elevators up to the top at the Westin St. Francis for the view before going to Chinatown.

I actually learned something this time in I, those rip-off camera places will bargain with you. Gina was interested in getting a new battery for her camcorder and was wondering how much it would cost so we went in one store and he told us $60, when she said she was not intersted in buying he dropped his price to $45. we left and went to another one where she was offered $35, but she was still not a taker. i now know to argue about the price and i might actually get a good deal at one of those stores. After chinatown it was back to the house and meeting up with Dana and Tom before eating at Supencuche. Then it was bed time, we were all pretty worn out.

On Wednesday we ate at the Pork Store in the haight and shopped around in the haight and Amoeba before visiting the Exploreatorium. I think everyone was really surprised at how much fun they had there. The list of favorite things there where the somunication game there one person was not allowed to talk and really had to listen while the other told them how to duplicate a picture like the one they had. It was really interesting how some people just could not get it but change the teams and Viola.

Another favorite was one that tracked what you looked at when you saw a picture. I really like one that morphed your face with someone elses and another that allowed you to talk in a natural sppeaking voice all the way across the room by sitting infront of a stone. If you get a chance, check out the exploratorium, We spent 4 hours there and could have spent another two. As we were leaving We watch a little of the filming of the new ABC show MD's. Then we were off to meet up with kim, Dana, and Tom at Star India for a delicous dinner. Off home to home watch a little behind the scenes of porn and some of kirstens commercials and stuff like that.

As quickly as they came they were gone the next morning and I had to go back to work for two days before the weekend. Work was fine but would ahve been better if it didn't suck so much. I figure that I'm allowed to complain at this point because almost all my freinds who want jobs have them. On saturday it was MovieFest- Barbara, Dana, Lanny, Tom and I went to see XXX with Vin Diesel (Very hot) and Spy Kids (pretty funny) at the AMC 1000 and then went for Japanese food before watching The sweetest thing at Barbara's house. While all of these movies were good, there really isn't much to say about them. They were good fun and not really much more... except Vin Diesel who can just stand there and get me going. but the overall movie... didn't have him naked! Sunday was a lazy day of watcing TV and building a Mac for Tom's Wife and her boyfriend.