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Question: What do you call a person who you thought you were dating but then found out you were really just an extended trick?

Last night I went out with Lanny (traylordean), Jason (skibumca) and Derek, we ended up at the Metro as we usually do if we think Michael is working. As soon as we sat down I saw that Michael was talking to Doug and Dane. Oh no, I thought to myself. Dane never remembers me until after we have been introduced again (we’ve been introduced at least 20 times) and Doug, well I guess I was and extended trick of his.

Doug was the first person I dated after I broke up with Randy. Like I said, I thought we were dating, We spent a lot of time together and had some pretty hot sex. I spent the night at his house at least twice a week for weeks now. I really thought things were going well. His friend Jay kept telling me, “Girl he isn't your boyfriend, you’re just a trick that has stuck around.” Jay is cruelly honest, but very funny. I would choose him over any of the Queer Eye guys. Jay and I would become close friends before he moved to NYC.

Michael caught sight of me and waved which moved Doug’s attention onto me. A big smile spread across his face. Doug came over and started by telling me how good I looked and quickly went into how he was not doing HIV Medical Research Studies and his company was going to be bringing new drugs to the market at least a year earlier because of the technology implementations they were using. He put one hand on my back and the other on my torso just below my chest as he went on to tell me about how he has switched over and is now a Mac user. He has an iMac, iPod, etc etc. He is now buying apple products for his family and friends as he tries to convert them. I had been right all along and now he understood what I had been trying to teach him. He used the words teach and learn at least ten times.

The whole time I can only get a word or two in and his while his mouth is moving so fast his hands haven’t moved at all. Michael comes over to refresh some drinks and Doug makes a comment to him about how we both lived in the same place and have the same cock. I nearly spit some of my Mango Dream (or some drink name like that) out my nose. The conversations goes back to what I have "taught" him. His hands are still glued to my body. The heated hand-prints seem to be growing warmer and it causes me to lose concentration on what he was saying.

There was a pause in the conversation. I used it rope in the closest person to me, who just happened to be coming back to our seats, using it as an excuse for my distraction. “Derek, this is Doug, Doug- Derek.” I needed to keep him in the conversation so I asked Derek if he had gone to talk to the hot girl in the bar, Derek is straight. Of course he had and he began to talk about his troubles meeting girls in the city. Doug instantly took a liking to Derek and decided that a straight handsome intelligent, and snappy dresser like Derek should have a girlfriend... And he would be happy to be his gay-wing man. Little did Derek know how much he was protecting me, right now.

Question: Why can’t I just tell Doug, I have a boyfriend?
His advances and comments are making me a bit uneasy, but I haven’t really seen an opening to bring that fact up. I want to blurt it out, but I can’t seem to. I like Doug, he’s a good guy. After I realized Jay was right and I was an extended trick I also began to notice exactly how much drugs Doug was doing. When we first met he was taking a lot of viccodin because he needed a root canal. But by this point he was recovered from it but was still popping two Viccodins each morning. I guess that is the danger of being in the medical field. I blame Doug for my taste for mixing Viccodin and Vodka, hey if you stick to things of the same letter you’re fine right? There was never a break up since I guess we were never really together, we just stopped calling each other.

I asked Michael how do I tell Doug I have a boyfriend, his response was I’m sure what all of you are thinking. “Say... I have a boyfriend.” He walked away. Thanks Michael! I know what I needed to do, I just don’t know why I was having problems doing it.

Doug came wandering back to continue his conversation with Derek and I but now he was taking a different approach. “There is a difference in San Francisco between the way straight women and gay men think,” he began. “Gay men want to meet the perfect man, their prince that meet every criteria because if they don’t meet them all there is always another just around the corner. But in reality what most of the ones who are happy learn is that they really want someone who can teach them, someone who they can learn things from.”

I’m sure the blood drained from my face as this all came full circle. But he continued, “it’s not the same for straight women in San Francisco, they are desperate. These women are smart and gorgeous and have good careers and yet there are not enough decent straight guys to go around. You just need to know where to find the good ones. I’ll tell you where to go, The Bar on Castro on Monday nights. It’s 80’s night and there are tons of great women there who would appreciate you."

If you get the idea that Doug is very good at monologues you understand what Doug is really like. I have never met anyone could who really dominate the conversation like he can.

Dane came by to ask Doug to have a palaver on the balcony with him and they wandered away. I really wanted to have the chance to come clean with Doug as I really felt I was deceiving him or something, but I was growing tired and Lanny and Derek were as well. Jason had already left earlier. I decided to just let it go until I saw him again. Tonight I had failed but it was kind of good for my vanity. Maybe even my ego. But now I have these questions...

1. Since he’s not my Ex really, what is he? Is there a word for this?
2. Why was I having so much trouble telling him? It’s not like I want to date him. I admit the sex was good, but I really don’t think I need to go there again.

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Aug. 27th, 2004 05:00 pm (UTC)
My thoughts
1) A guy that I used to see, or a long term trick, but it just came to me a former fuck buddy, maybe. Sounds like you were fuck buddies to me. If that's not it, I really don't think there is a word.

2) Because the sex was great, he remembered you, he was being flirty and sometimes its nice to just be flirted with. I bet if he had tried anything more than the flirt you would have told him. That's my feeling. I know that sometimes I don't admit to my Partner because its just nice that someone else is interested. I think a part of us always wants to be wanted so we keep quiet some times.
Aug. 27th, 2004 05:49 pm (UTC)
the term i'd use ..
"um, friend" .. it's got the brief pause so people that are paying attention will get the point but it's general enough that you're not committing to anything in detail. some people are better at having/being umfriends than others.

most likely he was flirty with you because he is comfortable with you, and thinking of you that way. i'm less flirty with people i don't know than i am with people i've had sex with. kinda strange, but it works for me for the most part.
Sep. 9th, 2004 12:33 pm (UTC)
Extended Trick.... Is that anything like an extended remix? I mean I like my music all mixed up at times... sometimes it's an imporvement to the original. Extended Trick... I just don't know.
Although I guess looking back, I have had one of those. Just never knew what category he fit into until I read your post. *chuckle*
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