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A list of where my parents ate...

I am foolishly attempting to catch-up on my LJ reading. I really should just cut my losses, but I am up to Sunday now thanks to a lot of skimming. If only my speed reading elixir for supper heroes would come into stock at amazon.com.
My weekend was pretty good. It was great to be able to spend time with my parents. On Friday we went to breakfast with Tom and his dad at “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” on Bayshore. The food was good and I was very happy that my none of the food we ate all weekend made my mom sick. There were several restaurants I wanted to take them to, but whenever a place uses a lot of sauces I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t really be safe. Friday night we went to my parents favorite Thai restaurant, “Thai Stick” with Jeannie. Jeannie is Randy’s mother (he’s not speaking to because he is mad she didn’t want to share her studio apartment with after over a year) and she and I have remained friends even though we broke up. My parents and Jeannie are the same, my mom and Jeannie just gabbed the whole dinner and had a great time. After dinner all five of us squeezed into the mini and headed back to our place so Jeannie could continue her conversation.

Saturday we headed up to Napa and I was a little sad that I couldn’t take my parents to the SuperTan Vineyard. The first place we went to was terrible, but the next one we went to, V. Sattui, was absolutely great. The people wee friendly, funny and were having a great time. The wine was great as well, I bought 5 bottles as well as some assorted cheeses, salami, French bread, and chips. We had a little picnic out on the tables and watched the wine train go by. We ended our day sitting in traffic trying to get back to the city and having burgers from “Barney’s burgers”

Sunday Tom was off to work so it was just me and my parents. We went to brunch at Supenküche even though we had dinner there on Thursday, their brunch menu is amazing and completely different than their dinners. If you may be thinking this is all about food, really it is. Since my mom is allergic to wheat, flower, oats, barely, dairy and everything else; I try to take her to places that she can have yummy food. Imagine if you couldn’t eat cookies or cake or even bread. Did you know most soy sauce use a wheat thickener? After brunch I took my parents to Rainbow Grocery ( http://www.rainbowgrocery.coop/ ) so my mom could buy stuff from their gluten free section. Tom and I had already bought cookies and cakes and whatnot she could eat while she was here, but I wanted her to be able to take stuff home. This is where I got a little annoyed. But that is a whole different post, probably the next one since it’s eating away at me like a hungry stomach. We had diner at Red’s Grill and while the waiter totally FUBARed at least it was so apparent that we were able to fix it and keep my mom from getting sick. Both my parents had a great time, So did Tom and I. I just wish my mom was up to a little more activity, she wanted to go to chinatown but couldn’t do the hill, so we went antique shopping on bayshore instead. Up next a bit of reality, a bit of fear and a bit of anger.

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Aug. 17th, 2004 08:13 pm (UTC)
so you were in my old stomping ground on saturday. i don't remember the vineyards as i was too young to visit them (plus only the tourists actually visit them). how far up valley did you go? i went to st. helena high in grade 11 and i'm wondering if they still have the big old heritage building out front...
Aug. 18th, 2004 04:54 pm (UTC)
You know what, i really couldn't tell you. I don't think we passed a school. We went up the road that all the vineyards were on a little past V. Satui and then drove across to Silverado. I've never been to Napa before. It semed nice but full of slightly icky tourist people. there was agroup of girls all with veils who were total bitches pushing people out of their way. I bit my tongue and move to the other side of the room.
Aug. 18th, 2004 06:38 am (UTC)
*pounces on Monkey*
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