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My stomach is beginning to settle.

I realized a made a huge fuck up at the end of the day at work yesterday. Steve was pissed at me, but I don't think he really understands how big it really is yet.

I had nightmares last night all night. It would have made my sleep unrestful in itself... so of course there were other things stopping me from getting rest. Last night was a total nightmare. Tom woke me up at least five times to hunt for what i believed to be an imaginary mosquito. The fifth time I am woken up by a bang directly over my head, i narrowly miss Tom's arm as starts to inspect the blood on his hand and the wall. The mosquito must have been huge and bit Tom a whole bunch of times. There were several drops on the wall and tom's hand, I was amazed. Tom went to the bathroom to wash his hand and put some anti itch on his huge welts that were now visible.

This morning i got into work and of course the first thing Steve starts to talk to me about is the fuckup that he doesn't fully understand yet. I haven't found the balls to explain it to him yet. He probably won't be as mad at me as I am at myself but I hate it when he is mad at me. It's almost like he's my father and having him be upset with me just makes me even more mad at myself.

I'm going to lunch with Steve soon and he seems like he isn't pissed at me, so some of the knots are relaxing... but I'm still pissed at myself.

Untitled Live at Manchester Academy - 14.9.93) - Bjork - Big Time Happiness


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Aug. 12th, 2004 02:48 pm (UTC)
you'll have to spill the beans about what type of mistake this was. i'm all curious now...

and you ain't seen no mosquitoes till you've seen the ones in saskatchewan...
Aug. 12th, 2004 04:38 pm (UTC)
Long story short, I didn't realize the recycle date on some backups and... some backuped up data was erased never to be seen again. This normally wouldn't be a problem but someone lost a whole bunch of their files and need those tapes. My boss hold backups above everything else. a mistake having to do with backup is the worst one in his eyes.

But there is good news. Very good news. I just fixed our old backup server the have the those same files on the tapes for that backup server! so double points for me. I will have to post a quote from the book I was reading while I was fixing it.
Aug. 13th, 2004 12:18 am (UTC)
I loathe mosquitos... they can wake me from a dead sleep with the shrill hum of their wings... I sympathize with Tom... they usually attack me dozens of times each in a single night leaving me with enormous welts... just a single mosquito last week left me with 15 bites.

I found out she was flying down my stairwell when I'd try to chase her down half asleep. Cleaning the house one day I found her sleeping on the ceiling in the kitchen.

I sent her to the hot place with a swift slap and no small amount of satisfaction.
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