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1000 jollies, follies and lick 'em lollies

Busy weekend, let me tell you!
not only did I do laundry, remove the mountain of dishes from the sink but I also had quite a bit of fun. On Friday I went to see Signs with Joaquin Phoenix and Mel Gibson. It got bad reviews in the SF paper which confirms what I have believed for a while, who ever has been doing the reviews lately has their head up there ass. Signs was one of the best movies this year and it got a "man watching movie" the equivalent of a C, Highest rating being man clapping out of his seat and lowest being gone from seat. Movies lately to receive "Man clapping out of his seat", Like Mike and Powerpuff Girls. maybe the reviewer is an 11 year old girl, no offence to Powerpuff girl fans. I wonder what Brittany Spears' straight to video movie would have gotten. Anyway, Signs was a very good, scary movie. Most of the movie you just watch clutching your popcorn and a few times you scream in unison with the rest of the audience as you try to jump through the back of your chair. The thing I loved most about this movie is that it does not follow the style of any other movie. Imagine a man against nature type move, now make nature be a bit alien. Go see the movie and enjoy your screams.

On Saturday I was screaming again, only this time it was not in fear, it was in pure Cher happiness. Tom, Dana, Barbara, and I had center seats. great quotes from the concert; "Nice entrance, huh, it's worked great everywhere except Chicago, I was stuck up there like a drag queen Piñata!" "This is going to be my last tour." (audience Boos) Oh, come on, I've been the Bitch Diva for forty years, I'm tired!" and from Cindi Lauper "Maybe Ana Nichole Smith deserved all the money just for sleeping with him once. He died with a grin on his face, it was a toothless grin, but it was a grin!" The music was defiantly better than the quotes. Cindi did an amazing job, she really can still sing and scream. Cher sang all her best songs and changed into a gazillion different outfits and wigs. It really was an act that cannot be followed. Before I say anything more to confirm your suspicions that I am ubber gay on to Sunday.

On Sunday night I went to see an Opera (damn now I've confirmed my ubber gayness to you all) about a Punk rock girl named Riot Girl who goes to Mars to save her Punk rock boyfriend Mosquito from the King of mars. Of course the king falls in love with the riot girl and want to marry her, but he has to get his wife to remarry first so he tries to get Mosquito and his wife to marry. Riot girl who is not one to lose ever, outsmarts the king, teaches the queen to not take any crap and escapes with all the earthling hostages.