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Saturday... Rodeos, Wendios, and Cosmos.

Saturday day- rodeo a gogo.
After a trip to check on Celia and Mike, we were off to the Gay Rodeo. There was a good mix of people lots of good looking men and women. It seemed there were more men attending the rodeo but I’m convinced that the reason for that was because there were more women competing in the Rodeo! I really enjoyed the Rodeo, it was my first and since I’ve always been a city boy it was very exciting... Minus the hour long parade at the beginning. What a day it was, shows, shopping (bought me a cowboy hat), dancing (well I watched- but I had fun watching), lots of eye candy (I will always root for yummy #123), and ICE CREAM! What more could you ask for?

Saturday night was Wendi’s birthday. She decided to have a cocktail party on the 18th floor of the the Hollywood Renaissance. Wendi always throws a great party but the this year the best part was not planned by Wendi, it was planned by Thomas. Thomas had emailed everyone who was attending (those that didn't he tried to tell in other ways) that everyone was going to get up and surprise wendi with a toast, anecdote, or story. I went through several different drafts and ideas as to what to say.

Finally I came up with this...

What I know about Wendi:

Wendi spells her name with and “I” and it must not be like the air the blows.

Wendi likes to have birthmonths instead of birthdays.

Wendi will threaten your life if you joke about a card or a letter from her, god forbid you are unable to read her writing.

Wendi is a detective and can pry information through your eyes. Fear Wendi above all others if you have a secret. She has dressed up in a wig in order to expose her friend's mother who was having an affair with her neighbor at a local adult theater.

Wendi can deafen people with her scream and attracts monsters that will chase her all the way across Knott's Berry Farm. Nobody will protect her from these monsters; everyone will just watch and laugh as she tries to hide in a photo booth.

Wendi can leave a message so long, my brother can mow the lawn, shower and I will still be listening to her message.

Wendi has been successfully fending off my brother for many many years, good job Wendi!

Wendi was the reporter from the A-team on several missions to the Satanic church.

Wendi is highly allergic to just about everything and will projectile vomit while driving!

Wendi had the police show up at her house because of a hit and run. (Wait for Wendi to say thanks, and say.) Your welcome!

Wendi is fun to play miniature golf with. We never yell “four” or “mulligan.”

Wendi's last name is not Mahalla!

Wendi is a true friend and will drive over twelve hours and buy a friend a shimmery blue transparent umbrella to prove a point... and help a friend out of a bad relationship. It was a very poignant moment. The umbrella that you can see the world differently through, which protects you, and makes you smile with its shimmer.

Wendi has stories about all of these things and she is a much better storyteller than I am.

She is a true friend who has been there for me when I needed her. She has laughed with me, cheered me up, picked me up, dusted me off, inspired me. Wendi has even deafened me on several occasions. Wendi is a true friend so many times she has listed to me with her hand stroking kindly. She has been there for me. So the 400 miles that I traveled to come to this party are nothing. She has done much more for me. Since we first hung out together we have had a bond that didn't seem real, because it was so instant and so true. Friendships like this last strong forever, no matter how many miles may separate us.

I love you

She laughed, I laughed, She teared up, I teared up... it was nice. After each person gave their toast they handed her the copy of the toast if they had it, and a rose. She eventually had 31 roses. One person said "I choose you" a la the bachelor or whatever show it was from and she screamed how that is what she thought this was like. We all choose Wendi!

Classic - I Am the World Trade Center - The Tour EP