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Quick update

Let see, last weekend went to Folsom and swam all weekend at Joann's parents house. I wondered what they would think about three homos swimming around with their daughter in there good Christian pool and in their house that is brimming full of The Lamb of GOD. We all had a ton of fun and exercise. Also went to see Gold Member which I really enjoyed.

The sublets downstairs have been really noisy at ALL hours this week. When I say really noisy, I mean woken up when I have ear plugs in. When I say all hours I mean 10PM, 12AM, 2AM, 4AM. they seem to quit down around 5:30AM. When I was woken up with my earplugs in it was 4AM. there also seems to be more people there than we knew about. We have been hearing a very loud man this week. hopefully he is not a permanent visitor although my guess is that his name is John- who is now receiving mail. If things don't improve quickly, they are going to have their butts tossed out. One call to the landlord would take care of it. I don't mean to be a bitch but, I can stand noise while I'm awake, I can stand not being able to maneuver easily because they have their stuff blocking pathways, but don't mess with my sleep. I already don't get enough of it.

Tom has kind of fallen off the Vegetarian horse. He was vegetarian for two months and has now added chicken back into his diet. I think it's a good thing. I have been cutting all red meat down to slim amounts. I figure small steps are for me and who knows if I will ever become completely vegetarian. I don't know if I'm that strong. Small steps, small steps.

Tom and I had two really stupid fights this week, probably due to sleep deprivation. I don't even really know what they were about! I think Tom was mad that He couldn't read my mind and that I needed to communicate verbally rather than telepathically. One started because I told him he didn't have to go in the other room to watch TV if he didn't want to. Maybe he was mad about my bad grammar, haha! It was all worked out and all is back to normal other than the smarmy loud people downstairs.