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Zer0 M0tivati0n! Where did my weekend go?

I am completely unmotivated today. I feel as if i was robbed of my weekend, like I only had friday night. Friday was great. Calexico was amazing! they played every song i wanted to hear. I was worried they weren't going to play Convict pool my favorite song (hey it has a part where the wardens son has video surveillance in his "private collection", how can you not like it). We also saw the guy from the Matrix who also plays the guy in the wheel chair in OZ. I had discovered Calexico through iTunes on someone's shared music, i had no idea who it was and tried to find out who it was to thank them. I never found out, until I was at the concert and some crazy guy hopped up on redbull behind me got my attention. He was singing along very loudly to the instrumental songs. most of the people in the area were staring at him, not in a "shut up" sort of a way but a "Woah, what is this guy on" kind of way. He was one of my coworkers, who i didn't particularly like.

It is the fate of IT workers to only see people when they need something or when things have gone very very wrong. It take a certain kind of person to do this job. I don't dislike very many of my coworkers, ask itsolivia, I love her! I am used to the stressed out call, a panicked cry for help. But what this guy does has always pissed me off. He has a problem and wait all day until he's ready to go home, then he stops by and informs us that we need to fix the problem when we are also packing up to leave. Paul will take care of him sometimes but I almost never do, I tell him i'll drop by in the morning to take a look at it. He will always try to argue... but I just tell him my ride is here, there is nothing I can do. I don't think he recognized me at the show, I wonder if he would be less of and ass if he thought we had something in common, I doubt it.

Saturday was spent in the hell that was Tom's family gone all crazy. His Dad and his "Calvin peeing on France"/ why should gay people be allowed to marry? Sometimes I don't know if he is just repeating what he hears from the republican party or if he is just saying this crap to get a rise out us. I know he thinks the world of me and Tom. he told tom on friday that he is the only one who hasn't "screwed up"... then pointed out the divorces and bad marriage decisions his brothers and sisters made. I don't think he realized that Tom has never had the right to make the mistakes his brother and sisters have. Tom's sister who is the most anal person I ever met when around her daughters new house and set up everything for her, she decided where painting went, furniture, candles, stuffed animals everything went where she wanted it. all the while she was also cleaning. She went into the bathroom after Tom came out and cleaned it again. Tom would have been insulted if she wasn't so clearly crazy. instead we all made fun of him and her as well.

Tom's brother said maybe four words and he and his wife left in under ten minutes... his wife was my link to sanity. Why did she have to leave me! Tom's sister Tina and her husband were great but i just don't have enough in common with them to keep up a conversation for that long by myself.

Sunday Tom michelle and I went to Suppenküche for brunch, I had there delicious mixed berry Emperor pancakes, YUM! then we ran to target, where i bought the original Legend of Zelda for my Gameboy. Then they dragged me kicking a screaming to King Arthur. I have hated every King Arthur movie ever made (with the exception of "The Sword in the Stone"). It seems they are all the same story and three hours long, Gwenivere being a bitch and screwing things up and i just can't get into it. This ones different Michelle kept saying, and she was right... although it was long, it was different. it was pretty good. normally the thing I hate most is Gwenivere and she was the thing i liked most about this one, she wasn't a bitch, she was a feisty Ass kicker with tattoos.

That was my weekend, I never got to the Applestore to get my Airport Express or relax and play games. maybe it's that i didn't sleep well last night, i had those awful searching dreams and awoke every hour. This weekend will be better, Steve Burns in concert and Dana will be in town too!

Consequence - The Notwist - Neon Golden [Bonus Tracks]