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Independance days- do it yourself.

-Friday I left work a little early... watched the KFOG fireworks over the Embarcadero from my kitchen. I rarely really stand and enjoy the view from the kitchen... all the huge satellite crap (5 of them) my neighbor put up diminishes it, but i don't rent the view.

-Saturday Tom, michelle and i went to the Art Deco show at the Legion of Honor. i have to admit that i was a bit disappointed. it wasn't organized very well and it was hard to get to see anything... maybe there were too many people there but it really did seem like you had to fight to get to see every single piece in the exhibit. I really love Deco so it was worth the crowd.

After the show we hiked around lands end... the golden gate bridge was almost completely engulfed in the fog, you could only see the two sets of supports. When we were driving back we drove slowly past the most amazing little old lady. she was decked out in a floor length brown ornate fur coat hair pulled back and two little Pomeranian dogs on brown leashes. She stood there with her short hair pulled back into a little bob waiting for some unknown thing to happen or person to appear. We all fell silent to appreciate the moment. eventually Michelle broke the silence, "She should have been in the show, she is fabulous!"

-Sunday I went to the annual BBQ at Market house and visited with Kim and Michael as well as many other old friends. I finally got to meet John Anderson, the first person to live in market house under the current lease and the reason why it was such a deal! He's been in Japan for so many years but now he's back in SF.

-Monday watch a little of "Cry the Beloved Country" such a good book, someday I need to see the whole movie. I ran down to Delores Park Cafe to meet punkbassoon. We walked around the park for a while then headed over to dog shit park chewing the fat the whole time. it was really nice to spend so much time with him. We also ran into knowyermonkey who was playing with her house guest puppy... so cute! We hit the apple store in a random geekout and then headed back to the Castro for some Mexican food. Then it was off to hang out with Barbara and Tom and play some Rummi Cube!

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand