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Eerrggg! Do you smell bad cookies... I do!

What does this new company do that has bought us... basically they make cookies... and not the good kind. They make the kind that notice that you browsed to a car site so they bring up cars on your yahoo page and send you email about no low payments... how incredibly useful. They were bragging about this... We have our servers setup to automatically delete cookies from this companies cookies off of users machines! Their plans are to use us to push out more big brother to the sites we design. This is exactly how we need to push little girls to buy more while playing "Shoe Hunt" at Barbie.com. We are a design company and the evil marketing gurus are going to exploit our talent to take things to "the next level"... they are so excited you can actually taste the domination in the air. I feel like I need a shower. To bad I now have to get a retinal scan first.

Control - Traci Lords - 1000 Fires


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Jul. 1st, 2004 11:36 am (UTC)
You've been bought out by marketers?</a> Oh, you poor soul... I'm sorry. :(
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