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banter banter photos banter

I have yet to figure out where to put the photos from the wedding... I have so many, i really need to edit them down to an acceptable number. Pride is coming up this weekend hopefully I will make it this year. last year was a disaster- i was destroyed by pink saturday.

Last Saturday was Joe's (skibumca's boyfriend) housewarming party. I have never been to a themed housewarming party before but it was a blast. The idea was to "Represent your Hood." come dressed as a part of the city or if you weren't familiar with the city another city. most people dressed like people who happen to live in certain areas others dressed well... you can check out the pictures.

I went as the Sunset because I had the perfect outfit for it. orange Levi's chords, shinny red shoes, and an orange and red stripped shirt and red hoodie. is was a very bright outfit.

The cocktails were flowing and the conversation was great... Jason and i even drunk dialed Dana again. She didn't answer and we left a voicemail, i don't remember wt we said but I guess it was quite funny. She said when she got it he mom was in the room and asked her, "Talking to a candle? What does that mean?"

There was quite a bit of fun with hats at the party... which I stayed at until about 5am. Ah to be fooled into thinking i am young again. Jason has been goading me to go out in search of trouble this weekend. I might oblige him.

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