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roxyshocks's wedding was great! I had so much fun! The ceremony truly was short and sweet and fun. The wedding had a tropical tiki theme. I got leied (sp?)... but it was by a 6 year old girl. I took a ton of pictures... I had to buy another chard to hold all the pictures. but lets start at the beginning.

I flew down to Burbank and was picked up by Lanny(traylordean). We went back to his and Dana's place and I got a chance to play with Jet Bunny and Queenie Bear, such cute puppies. The drive took about four hours we drove through Four Corners and Mojave, those are some happening towns! The first Casino we hit in Vegas was NY NY and we got our boot of booze at coyote ugly and headed for the arcade.

Then it was off to the house of blues in Mandalay Bay for 80’s night. We meet up with the Bride, the girls and one of the girls boyfriend. Three guys and 10 girls dancing like Molly Ringwald, we owned the place. There was a very tense moment when Lanny, emilylou and I stopped dancing, they were playing EMF unbelievable. That song is from 1991- not the 80’s Mr. DJ. He was lucky we let him live. The break dancers on the stage were great... But the best entertainment was watching the guys in the club hit on the girls. There were probably two girls for each guy if not four. The way they flirted was to just dance up with a look on their face (like they were saying, “Hey!” with crushed eyebrows.) afterwards it was more drinking until 4am.

Saturday we met up with Rupal in Paris, We each decided on the power we would have on the trip. Dana wanted the ability to move things/ people. Make a cute guy or a bottle of ketchup come closer, or an annoying guy and trash go away. We decided Rupal should have the ability to make people fall in and out of love with whoever she choose. I wanted the ability to make people’s clothes disappear since there was a hot guy standing in front of me. Lanny choose the ability to arc weld without a helmet... Um, yeah. Three of our powers worked very well together Dana could make a hot guy come closer, I could make his close disappear so we could decide if we wanted to make Rupal have him fall in love with one of us... I guess Lanny would make a sculpture of said cute guy.

The three of us headed over to the Bellagio for drinks at the Baccarat bar. They had the best drinks in Vegas. Their bartender deserved an award. Dana got ... A little trashed on dirty martinis. She was hilarious telling odd joke that seemed to come out of nowhere, a moment of silence for Ray Charles was cut a bit short but was soon followed by a joke about what gay horses eat.

Luckily Dana sobered up before the 8Pm wedding. This is when I was leied by Madeline. I had to practically get touch my nose to the ground so she could put the flower necklace around my neck, it was really cute. The ceremony was just the actual vows which were very sweet. Julie looked amazing, I wish I was able to get a better picture during the ceremony but I got a lot afterwards at the reception in the suite. I’ll get these posted soon, I promise. If I ever find the cable to download them... I think it was lost during one of the many security searches my bag seemed to have gone through. None of my stuff was even close to the way I packed it.

Gotta run... but in case you were wondering. Paul, Julie's husband was the inspiration for the Carebears... they all have the his childhood face!

Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes - New York: A Mix Odyssey


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Jun. 14th, 2004 05:21 pm (UTC)
I'm soooo jealous! You could've asked me as your date, you know? And I would've worn red, so that it would look like you had pocketfulls of money to pay for such a high class gigolo :P
Jun. 17th, 2004 10:39 pm (UTC)
Omigod! I had such a blast! It was awesome to see you, Lanny and Dana! Wasn't Friday night at House of Blues fantastic? All the drama dancing Emily was doing made me want to pee my pants. I wanted to see you guys more on Sunday, but I think you were probably gone by the time I stumbled down to the Tropicana lobby...I had the bestest, bestest weekend ever and you being there made it wonderful! Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of it...there's some pics on my LJ if you wanna see em. Unfortunately, I didn't think to use the camera for the reception [hits head repeatdely]...I really hope the three of us can join forces again, soon!
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