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...and then enters....

... and then enters artkouros, devilboy77, emarosan, and madkevinp!

Welcome aboard. I'm still trying to catch up with everything after my trip to LA. This week is looking busy both at and away from work. I totally missed sending the backup tapes of site, opps. My work is an odd place, When I'm around everything works fine, as soon as I leave things go mad. I'm more of a good luck charm than a tech... but maybe the is part of the Murphy's law. when you have a problem and the tech shows up the problem will not present itself. I have quite a bit of things to catchup on because of the trip down to LA, apparently everything went haywire here while I was gone. speaking of which...

Went to Club Papi at circus on Sunday night with Dana and Lanny. It was a ton of fun. We danced in the Hiphop room for a while spent most of the evening in the Latin room. We didn't know most of the songs and the DJ would stop the music at certain points in the songs so everybody (who knew the lyrics) could yell them, it was fun to pretend. I went out to just have fun and dance with my friends... and maybe get Lanny laid. Miss J recently had ramanticle relations and she has said "Tag, you're it!" Lanny ignored the one tall handsome man that was trying to flirt with him... He claims to have not noticed him when both Dana and i did... and well Dana kind of pushed him at Mr Tall Handsome.

I had the strangest flirting experience in the latin room. I was having fun dancing then a very hot guy in red shirt stormed up, stood in my face, looked me in the eyes, looked down at my uh... package and looked me back in the eyes and still said nothing. "uh, hello" He looked hard at me and walked off. I turned to dana and Lanny to see if what they thought but they didn't see any of it. I had an idea of what he wanted but I was still confused. a few minutes latter he did it again, this time i didn't say anything... i just looked expectantly waiting for him to say... anything. He didn't, he stormed off again. What he expected I will never know.... but I think i have an idea it didn't involve much talking.


Jun. 4th, 2004 05:09 pm (UTC)
We will all be seeing each other soon in VEGAS!
Jun. 4th, 2004 05:53 pm (UTC)