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< Overheard > I was stronger at our other office, I used to be in better shape </overheard>
I had the hugest urge to say, no you just had people to do the hard work for you, now you don't, you aren't qualified to do your job.

EEEERRRGGG, well maybe I was wrong about not having people do her work, i just watch her direct two men carrying a small table for her. she could have at least taken one end, she amazes me. Isn't the facilities person supposed to take care of things like moving furniture, installing keyboard trays and ordering supplies for the office... how can she get away with not really doing any of these things?

She really has worked my last nerve.

In other work relatedness.... i happened across a coworker's journal who works very closely with me but is in our portland office. I'm not sure if i and going to friend him or not. While I really enjoy his sense of humor and the fact that he says "Good Times" every time i talk to him... i think it might freak him out. he has this false sense of authority about me. He also just got the job this past month... It might freak him out that one of the guys he calls for guidance is umm reading his journal. which I haven't really... i just looked at the pictures, because I never known what the looks like. I have to think on this...

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May. 21st, 2004 07:09 pm (UTC)
I tend not to friend co-workers, except for very very special cases. And even then, the really damming stuff goes behind a friends only post.
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