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Busy week, how did it go by so fast?

I barely remember everything that happened this week. Let's see My boss came back from a vacation on Monday, I worked like hell all week, MacWorld NY was on Wednesday, and yesterday I went to lunch with my Ex Ryan. Pretty full week.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the announcements a MacWorld. The implementation of .mac is going to screw me over. I have six iTool accounts. I use all of them for websites and some of them as email accounts as well. iTool accounts have always been free but the new .mac accounts will be $100 per year, $50 the first year if you already have iTool accounts. I am attempting to archive off my sites and test to see if I can get them up somewhere else. It will be easy to rerout my email stuff but the web pages that i have invested so much time into are a little painful to give up. i guess this is what i get for taking advantage of the system. I just figured that i have so many Macs that I desrve a few iTool accounts. Se La Vie!

Lunch with Ryan was fun, it's been a long time since I've seen him. He is such a sweet guy. I would defianatly recomend him as a dating partner as long as you enjoy sience fiction and spiritual conversations of the oddest sort. We walked down to the Italian restaurant at the end of Townsend on Embarcadero and eat Pizza. It took them forever to make it but that just gave us more time to catch up.