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They call me the Crocodile kid!

I just woke up and i had to write this insanley realistic dream down. I really wonder what it means... oakenking, you got any ideas?


I was hanging out in my parents back yard with a few friends while petting Kondessa, the family pet alligator. Kondessa or Kondy was miniature, she is fully grown but only two feet long and her head is huge in a cartoon like way.

Kirsten asked how we got Kondy. I really didn't know... We had always had the two miniature alligators Kondy and Komodo, but komodo was hiding like usual. So we went inside to ask my mom how we got them.

My mom said it was finally time for me to know the truth. It's strange the things you think when people tell you something that surprises you. One of he first things I thought was, I don't know my real name. My mom has always told me that my birth was real easy... I guess in a way for her it was but in other ways it wasn't.

My mom never saw me on the day that I was born, she didn't see me until several days latter, she finally told me. She was walking in the park upset by something when she heard an odd noise and decided to investigate the nearby bushes. There was a miniature alligator sitting in a nest full of small eggs one of which was beginning to hatch, and then she saw me. "Sitting in the nest like a ginny pig," she said, "waiting to get eaten."

I looked at my mother trying to take in what she said, confused. Several questions ran quickly through my head. You never gave birth to me? You are not my real mother? What is my real name?

But she continued. "I brought you home and had a long talk with your father, we had your aunt Denise come over to watch you and your brother while we started to take care of things. We had to go to the bank to borrow money, we also had to adopt you."

"But who was my real mother?", I asked, "what was my real name?"

I don't know, sweetie, she said, we were never able to find out. The police checked the nest for clues and everything. They said they didn't know if you were left there or if you were taken there by Kondessa to feed her babies. Nobody reported a missing child though. Kondessa seems to love you most. She probably thinks you are her baby.

"When we got back though", my mom continued, "we had to fight with my brother and your aunt Denise. They thought they should get to have you, since they hadn't been able to have kids. But I was already in love with you and couldn't give you up. We eventually got you back, but things were strained between uncle Rick and I for many years."

I couldn't help but wonder if I had another name. I asked her to tell it all again, this was too important to forget and some of the details I was already forgetting so she told the story again setting it in my brain. When she was finished I said to her, I'm so lucky you found me, I have the best mom in the world... And Kondy might have ate me if you didn't! We all laughed.

It was such a weird dream and when I woke up I had to really tell myself it wasn't true. My family has never had Alligators. I look just like my dad. I do wonder what the dream means especially since I was so obsessed with knowing what I was really named. In the dream my mom ended up telling the story three times and I told it once to a man from India who was royalty but it made almost no sense at that point and involved some strange photograph paint by numbers portrait. I really like the idea of having a miniature big headed alligator. Kondessa was so cute... And such a great name. I love that in my dream I named the alligators, they even had shortened names.... Hmmm I just realized how interesting that fact is as well. I really am having issues with names aren't I!


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May. 16th, 2004 05:39 pm (UTC)
Try this
http://www.freakydreams.com its a dream interpretation website it might help
May. 18th, 2004 03:30 am (UTC)

Sounds like an awesome dream. What did you mean by chalenging fears each week?
May. 18th, 2004 05:09 pm (UTC)
That was in response to an entry you wrote where you said, "You know how I live my life in fear, maybe I didn't tell you that."... I just put it in with another comment I guess... Sorry about the confusion. Sometimes I get a bit spacey and forget not everyone follows along.
May. 18th, 2004 02:14 pm (UTC)
damn. your icon looks HOT. ;-) of course you're hot, though, or we wouldn't be friends, now would we? :-D

dreams: i just love interpreting them... so let me interpret yours...

Damn! It sounds like you really feel loved in your life... I mean, if all these ppl are fighting over alligatorbaby... i mean... sheesh! so count yourself lucky. it is not very common in this world to be as loved as you must be... so cherish it!

as far as the Kondy thing... hrm... been watching too much C-SPAN lately?


May. 18th, 2004 05:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I never thought of that as a hot icon, I always considered it my silly one. I do feel loved and I am very lucky. hmmm an alligator named after a woman who perpetually looks angry... but kondy was so cute, not angry at all!
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